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With AI Accounting's automation, you can expect the most affordable accounting services to begin here. We are offering competitive accounting package at SGD3,000 per year for bookkeeping, financial statements compilation and corporate tax computation in Singapore. This package is applicable for small and medium size businesses with about 100 accounting transactions for month. Terms and conditions apply.

Low cost accounting and bookkeeping services

Why are we able to charge such a low accounting fee?

We leverage on our OCR and AI technology to automate bookkeeping function. This tremendously reduces the manpower cost for bookkeeping work which is the most labour intensive. Though our financial statements compilation and corporate tax return preparation are still prepared by humans, we are gradually automating some parts of the process. Sign up for our very affordable accounting services package now and enjoy a 10% discount immediately.

Why our accounting fee will become cheaper and more reliable in the long run?

As AI Accounting matures and gets more efficient, the cost of recording accounting transactions and producing accounting reports will decrease.

On the other hand, companies which outsource accounting work to less developed countries where labour cost is lower than that of Singapore will face the pressure of increasing labour cost when the less developed countries become more advance.

As you can see, companies which continue to rely on cheap overseas labour to perform labour intensive task like bookkeeping is not sustainable. Companies which adopt new technologies and sign up for our affordable accounting services with AI Accounting will eventually be the winner.

Inexpensive Accounting Services

More Reliable Data for Analysis

The use of AI Accounting also means that the classification of transactions and the posting of entries are more consistent. This gives rise to a more reliable Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet numbers for analysis. The interpretation of the numbers will be more accurate. You can rely on the numbers for budgeting and predicting future trends. Moving to automation is the key to having reliable data for analysis.

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You can also check out our Robotic Process Automation Service which we think will benefit most companies.

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