Robotic Process Automation

Automating Processes for Non-Programmers

Robotic process automation ("RPA") is a form of automation which allows non-programmer to interact and automate processes using graphical user interface (GUI). It uses macro, decision-tree (i.e. "what-if" and "yes or no" decision tree) and other tools to automate processes. Some RPA also incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Automating Business Processes

Automating Routine and Repetitive Tasks with Robotic Process Automation

For routine and repetitive tasks, robotic process automation is frequently deployed. Robotic process automation software is able to replicate most of the human action like opening applications, copy or cut and paste files, complete forms, extract data from website, etc. Once the process to carry out tasks are set up in the RPA, the tasks can easily be carried out based on scheduled timing or with a click of a button.

Easy to Use and Fast to Deploy

Robotic process automation has gain popularity recently because it is easy to use and implement. As such, you do not need a programmer to spend weeks or months writing a simple program. You can set it up in the RPA in one or 2 days. It is a very cost effective way of streamlining the operations. With RPA, businesses can spend more time on high value work which requires more thinking and get rid of mundane and repetitive work. It is the new way to reduce staff and increase productivity.

In short, robotic process automation tools allow businesses to automatically capture and process data, re-organize data, activate a response as well as interact with other computerized devices. It increases productivity, improves accuracy and compliance and reduces costs.

Tools for RPA

Human Resource Issue with Robotic Process Automation

Having robotic process automation may create another set of issue, i.e. managing and redeploying human resources. There will be less low level jobs and company will have to invest time and resources to train their staff to take on high level and sophisticated jobs. If there is retrenchment, there will also be one time expenditure to lay off workers. Therefore it is good for start-ups to implement robotic process automation tools as soon as possible and avoid this situation in the future.

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